Barratt Due Institute of Music

The Barratt Due Institute of Music was founded in 1927 by the pianist Mary Barratt Due and the violinist Henrik Due, and has played central role in music education in Norway. Drawing on a more continental frame of reference than usually found in Norway, children, young people and adult students are taught under the same roof, inspired by the founders’ motto:

From Music Kindergarten to the Concert Podium.

Barratt Due is the only music institution left in Norway with learning and education programmes for children, youth and adults all under the same roof. Dedicated professors and professional musicians offers the very best in your education, and talents of all ages interact on several levels in various ensembles and orchestras. We believe this structure produces a learning environment of considerable value to talents of any age.

Young Talents

Young Talents Barratt Due is a leading talent development program in Norway, and can show outstanding international results for many students over a number of years. The program consists of a broad and varied education for the young talents, and is specially designed for preparing the students for subsequent studies within performing music at the highest level.

Our talent program is aimed at young students who are at a high level musically and under the age of 19 years old, both from Norway and abroad. It is a complete extended program for students in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary school.

Our students get individually teaching, adapted to their needs within the fields of instrumental-, vocal- and theory education. In addition, they participate in a variety of ensemble activities. In Oslo the tuition takes place at the Barratt Due Institute of Music, and in Bergen in collaboration with Bergen Cultural School and the Grieg Academy.

Young Talents also collaborate with Edvard Munch upper secondary school in Oslo, and through this we can offer up to 10 students per year a unique music specialization program at a very high level.

Mattias Lundqvist, Director
Email: mattias.lundqvist@bdm.no
Phone: +47 905 60 701

Address information

Country: Norway

Street + number: Lyder Sagens gt. 2

City + postalcode: 0358, Oslo

Telephone: +47 22068686

Website: https://www.barrattdue.no/


Contact information

Name: Mattias Lundqvist, Director

Telephone: +47 905 60 701

Email: mattias.lundqvist@bdm.no